Once you start a business, you dedicate yourself towards it completely and of course you spend a huge amount of money on it. But does that mean that your products or services are reaching its target audience? Does it guarantee your objectives? Well, not necessarily, especially if you look at the real picture.
Several times it happens that you are providing better products and services in the market, but your competitors are gaining the audiences (needless to remind it is NOT due to their out-of-the world products). And you keep losing patience, wondering, how does this happen? This is all due to Search Engine Optimization.
For those who don’t know much about Search Engine Optimization, it is a tool which makes and keeps your website on the top of a search engine. It makes your website, more ‘visible’ every time any user is looking for a relevant goods or services. Thus, it makes the company stand alone as compared to its competitors.


Any business today is successful more because of its advertising. Previously, the advertising was done either through the print media (newspapers and magazines) or through electronic media (TV and radio), but with changing time, these approaches changed a lot as well. Unlike the past, now the social media are mostly about the internet. With the help of Social Media Marketing, your business is highlighted on the social media platform.
We, at Prakamya Infotech, provides Social Media Marketing for our clients. Our SEO executives promote your business on the prominent social media sites. This helps your business gain recognition in the market.
So, which business needs to have social media marketing? The Answer is- every business that wants to be successful. It is particularly helpful for the startup to grab attention, especially on the local market, from where it flourishes gradually to beyond. For those businesses, who already made their presence felt among the audience, SMM helps them to retain their audience, which is quite a challenging task. (You will already know, if you are dealing with any business)


Search engine marketing involves promoting your website and redirecting the viewers to the online purchase page. It also increases your company’s visibility in the search engine result pages. It is done primarily through paid advertisements.
The two main objectives of the search engine marketing are to generate leads and creating brand awareness on social platforms.
Several times, search engine marketing may consolidate with search engine optimization, altogether, it thrives to achieve desired ranking of your company in the search engine page. As a result, it overall enhances the pay per click listings.
In this age of internet and online shopping, the search engine marketing is one of the prominent and effective ways of promoting your business. It is very important to keep your business in the lead, keeping in mind the competitiveness of the marketing, when everyone wants to be the best.
It has never been so crucial to promote your brand online till now. But thanks to these internet branding tools, that enable you to effectively showcase your business among the customers and gives your business ample chance to grow.


Email Marketing enhances the business communication and it is particularly helpful as it specifically target the key markets. It is environmentally friendly (as it is paperless) and cost-effective (as you can skip bulks of printing). It is also important since it helps to build customer loyalty, along with getting brand recognition. It is a convenient way to stay connected to your clients while simultaneously promoting your business.
We know a lot to the email marketing software that enables you to trace and filter the database of the clients based on the duration they spent on your sites and as per their taste and preference.
At, Prakamya Infotech, we offer Email Marketing as a part of social marketing. Our professionals help you to target your audience and achieve desired results.